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Introduction:Product features?32-bit high performance CPU Compiled execution mode; scan cycle is 10 times faster

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   Product features

1.32-bit high performance CPU

Compiled execution mode; scan cycle is 10 times faster than that of the analytic model.

2. Fast instruction execution

The execution time of single-step run instruction is up to 0.05uS.

3.High-performance high-speed pulse input/output
Support 2-way or 4-way high-speed pulse output, up to 200KHz Support two-way single-phase or one-way AB phase high-speed pulse counting, up to 200KHz.

4. External clock chip

An external real-time clock chip is used to make the clock more accurate.

5.Large storage capacity

With more than 20,000 lines of user program storage area, larger program capacity 2KByte power-off storage area, for safer data storage.

6. Multi-layer encryption protection

Including the upload password, download password, monitoring password, sub-program password and other protection, protect the legitimate rights and interests of users.

7. Convenient program download monitoring

With USB interface, support USB download program and monitor program running status.

8. Easy to install software and easy to program

Easy to install the programming software with rich and convenient programming interface tools.

9.Communication interfaces

Two communication ports, with one RS232 and one RS485.

10. Easy to network

ModbusRTU master-slave mode supporting RS485 can realize networking, and can connect up to 127 communication devices.

Support RS232, RS485, and USB for communication, monitoring, upload and download with PC.

Electrostatic grade: 4, ±8000V

With an external real-time clock chip, the clock time is more accurate.

Support analogue simulation operation and online monitoring mode.

Support input signal filtering time setting

The programming software is simple and easy to understand, supporting more than 160 commands.

With European and Japanese programming styles, support ladder diagram programming and command input programming.

With clear program structure, there are main program, subprogram, and interrupt program, and the program is divided into multiple grids.

The application command in the ladder diagram is in the form of a command block, which appears in the tree menu for selection by user.

Support for initializing register values and status.

Support C language programming; with built-in rich library functions, easy to program, more efficient; support Modbus master-slave mode and free port communication for more flexible use.

Support external interrupt and timer interrupt functions, independent of the main program scan cycle Make the given signal response more timely.

Support component use table view function, making the allocation management of the register more convenient


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