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Introduction:CDI-CH series crane special frequency converter is a special inverter for crane developed on the bas

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     product description
        CDI-CH series crane special frequency inverter is a special inverter for crane developed on the basis of CDI-E series inverter.
     Description of type selection of special inverter for crane
        Since the crane should have a large starting torque, in general, the selection principle of the crane inverter is to reserve a certain capacity according to the actual load.
     Crane energy feedback processing

      When the hoisting mechanism of the crane runs downward, the motor will be in the state of regenerative power generation, and its energy will be fed back to the inverter side, which will inevitably cause the inverter DC voltage to rise. The dynamic resistor consumes energy. When selecting the model, the requirements of maximum descent weight, maximum descent stroke and fastest descent speed should be met. According to the law of conservation of energy, the electric energy generated by the motor should be equal to the release of the potential energy of the heavy object, and equal to the thermal energy consumption of the resistance (without considering the power loss). Therefore, only the power generated by the potential energy of the heavy object is the required braking power. The power generated by the potential energy of a falling object is easy to calculate.

     PE = NM ╳ VM
     PW = PE ╳ (1-η)
     Power produced by the falling potential of PE Unit: Watt
     PW braking power Unit: Watt
     NM maximum drop weight unit: cattle
     VM fastest descent speed Unit: m / s
     η The internal power consumption coefficient of the motor and inverter, generally 20%
     After calculating the braking power PW, configure the corresponding braking unit and braking resistor according to the manual provided by DELIXI.
     CDI-CH series crane special inverters have built-in braking units of 110kW and below, and external braking units of 132kW and above.

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