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High Voltage Soft Starter

CDMVR-A series medium and high voltage solid-state soft start cabinet is a new high-tech electrical

CDRA Device-type/Comprehensive-protection Soft Starter

Introduction The Delixi Soft Starter is a motor control equipment featuring soft start, soft parkin

VFD For Solar Water Pump

Product Introduction DELIXI CDI-SPD Series Solar Pump VFD is a special frequency inverter for PV P

Specialized VFD For Vehicle Air-conditioner Compressor

VFC-D series driver is a product specially developed for new energy vehicles, which can be widely us

VFD All-in-One Type

It has optimized open-loop vector control, V F control, stable performance, and optimized function

VFD For Construction Hoist

CDIG1000 series construction elevator frequency inverter is a new generation of construction elevato

VFD For Crane

CDI-CH series crane special frequency converter is a special inverter for crane developed on the bas

Built-in Bypass Type Soft Starter

Delixi built-in bypass soft starter CDRA-K3 series is a motor control equipment that integrates soft

CDI-BR Energy-consumption Brake Unit

Delixi Brake Unit is mainly designed to release the regenerated power during the speed adjustment of

VFD For Synchronous

Permanent magnet synchronous motor inverter is a general-purpose high-performance vector inverter, m

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